Best Selling Author of Romance Books

An international best-selling author of romance novels that tantalize and satisfy

Mia is a romance addict herself who lives for the joy of entertaining readers with her love stories and erotic books.

Her books have appeared in numerous best-seller lists, and are available as Kindle books, paperbacks, and in other formats. They’re also available in Kindle Unlimited for subscribers to explore and adore. Check out Mia’s best-selling romance books!

Whether she’s writing about high-powered, dominant billionaires or driven yet remote doctors, Mia brings unbridled passion, intrigue, and surprises to her readers. Each romance novel is carefully crafted and hits all of your sensitive spots, slowly building to a crescendo that will leave you gasping for more. Of course, her books are all guaranteed HEA (happily ever after), so you’ll always have that warm tingle after a long, hard ride.

Her books are about more than searing passion, though. Mia’s characters are the true power within her tales – bold men with sharp minds and the deep desire to protect and nurture, and intelligent women who are ready to take on the world. Each character is deeply believable, natural, and so real you just can’t help but connect with them on an intrinsic level.

In her downtime, Mia likes to travel the world, exploring new places with an eye toward interesting new settings for her love stories. Will her next book take place on a tropical island? Set amidst the crumbling ruins of ancient Rome? In the steel-and-glass heart of New York City?

Mia also enjoys spending time with her family, is passionate about both coffee and wine, and indulges her sweet tooth from time to time.