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The author of multiple best-selling romance books, Mia invites you into worlds of love, intrigue, domination, and scandalous requests. From billionaire romances to torrid office affairs, and tales of enemies becoming lovers, her pulse-pounding romance books will ignite your desires and keep you turning the page.

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Mia's world

Mia’s Worlds

Mia Faye is an Amazon best-selling author, with huge amounts of books sold around the world. She is the architect behind some of the most popular Kindle books and Kindle Unlimited books.

A true mistress of love, Mia’s sensual books both titillate and, ultimately, satisfy. She interweaves physical passion with unrequited love, questions about just how far you’ll go when you’re pushed by circumstances outside your control, and finding not just passion, but true love in the heart of someone you swore to cut out of your life.

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A Romance for Everyone!

Tried other romance books in the past but felt that they just weren’t for you? You haven’t read Mia Faye’s sexy, romance books. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re secretly seduced by the thought of domination, have your breath taken away by the thought of an illicit office romance or dream of finding a (gorgeous) diamond-in-the-rough bad boy.

  • Office romances
  • Enemies to Lovers Romance
  • Boss Romances
  • Secret Baby Romances
  • Contemporary Romances
  • Enemy to Lover Romances
  • Romance Collections

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A Romance for Everyone
The love stories you love

The Love Stories You Love

Mia Faye’s scintillating romance books offer everything you love – stories of heartbreak and heady passion, tales of unbridled lust tempered by the watching eyes of everyone in the office, and more. However, they don’t leave you wanting. All of Mia’s stories are guaranteed to satisfy that deep yearning, and you’ll never end on a cliffhanger, or suffer through an ending that just doesn’t match with the heated build-up through the book.

  • No cliffhanger endings – ever
  • Heat guaranteed – Mia delivers truly satisfying romance tales
  • Standalone romances – No lengthy series to wade through
  • Previews of other Mia Faye books to tantalize you

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Books By Mia Faye

Unexpected Surprises by Mia Faye
In His Office by Mia Faye
Under His Control by Mia Faye
Seven Day Wife by Mia Faye
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